The Well of Ascension (Review)

The Well of Ascension (Review)

kay, I’ve got to be careful here. Ever since coffeeshop Maddy got me into the first book of the Mistborn series, and railroad friend Ben loaned me the rest, I’ve been yacking this one up to any readers I can corner. As a result, I know at least two friends who are currently working through it. So I’ve got to be careful of spoilers in my review.

What I can say is that The Well of Ascension is the second book in Brandon Sanderson’s wonderful series. In it, magic users (who have to be born into it, so no midi-chlorians here, thank Christ) burn metals in their bellies, and this slow burning/digestion gives them powers. Most of them can do one specific metal, but the occasional lucky “Mistborn” can do all of them (and of course, our heroine, the young, plucky, but ever-doubting Vin is one of the latter). She serves and loves our newly minted King Elend Venture, who is trying to reform rule of law and the rights of the skaa (the underclass) ever since Vin nailed the all-powerful Lord Ruler to the floor of his palace with a spear. Our young Venture is a true “Philosopher King”, which is great except that his city of Luthadel is under multi-siege, there is a spy loose in his ranks, his elected counsel is not interested in public representation and Vin is troubled and tempted by another mistborn.

Loved this book. The scenes are interesting and lively and the plot moves quickly. If I were to carp on anything, well, Vin’s self-doubting episodes get a little tiring. At some point, you want to just give her a slap and say, “Man, get over yourself”. But the battle around the walls (and in the streets) of Luthadel is cringe-worthy reading at its best.

So check it out. All my readers in my circle of friends is abuzz on this one.