Thin Skinned (DOG EAR)

Thin Skinned (DOG EAR)

kay, so I’m literally not sure what I can say about this.

I mentioned that I dropped out of Powers of the Earth because of the pro-libertarian/anti-everyone-else take. I didn’t particularly enjoy being a straw-man in this tale.

And then there is Without Warning,  an Audio Book I’m listening to right now. In general, it’s a bit Anti-Muslim (literally a “you’ll miss us when we’re gone” kinda book, to be reviewed soon). The only reason I’m sticking with it is that I really do want to know why American was vaporized.

Yes, so I’ve been getting battered around the head and shoulders by angry conservative writing. If the story is good, I’ll stay. If it isn’t, I’ll just put it down. But I hadn’t given it much more thought then this until a friend invited me to her Catholic service last weekend. Nice church and good people. I stood. I sat. I knelt. I monologged. All fine. But it hit me after that I had my copy of Altered Carbon in the car outside. For a quick review (a better one is coming up shortly), in the world of the future death is less an obstacle. Your memories and personality can be “re-sleeved” into another body. And outside the resleeving facility the Catholics are protesting, just a bunch of screaming, spitting wankers angry about man denying God His souls. Most of the characters are pretty disdainful of them, recounting how they’ve achieved nothing but  anti-science regression in 2500 years. And I realized, as I walked down the shady church steps, that this didn’t bother me at all.

Thinking further, reading about the Mormons getting their ship nationalized by the very space dock that built it in Leviathan Wakes (and ineffectively unable to legally retake it) was rather funny. But I’m not Mormon. And I’m not Catholic. So it didn’t bother me.

But I’m leftist, and ultra-conservative positions do.

I never thought of myself as a literary shirker. Either I never noticed it, or it’s never been an issue. Not sure. I’ll just have to make sure I’m really really true when I’m working through my various literary projects. Like A Case for Christ, which I’m currently reading/picking-apart. We’ll see.

But then again, as a reviewer, I bring a certain amount of “me” to my reviews. I tend to say if I like a book, but for honest reasons.

Stay tuned as I struggle endlessly with ethics in entertainment!