To serve and kersplat

To serve and kersplat

Friday we got out of work early as a reward. Cool by me, since it means traffic would be easier getting home.

I’m on the bike with saddle bags. Got an orange safety jacket, flashing rear light, helmet, all that commuter stuff. I’m on the right side of the road – it’s a little moist so I’m doing my curb hugging one-foot off the stripe.

Location: Orlando Florida, southbound on 1792, 250 feet short of Lee Road.

Anyway, I’m riding along and two cars squeeeeeze past me on the left, really, really close. Like what the hell? So I’m thinking, fine. Glance back, no traffic. Swing out and take the lane, something like a third out. We’ll see how well this works.

And suddenly I’ve got a big white hood next to my knee, so close I swear I can feel the heat off his engine. Even though I’ve taken the lane and forced him to lane-change out, he’s only going over half-a-lane and still pressing past. Why is there never a cop around when…?

And he’s by me and I’m looking at the back of an Orange Country Sheriff’s cruiser! That’s right – the same people who SHOULD be enforcing this rule are breaking it (and perhaps my spine)! I was so surprised I didn’t even think to get his unit number.

Still, when I got home, I went onto their website and told them when and where the incident took place. Of course, let’s be honest – if there is an officer down, they know EXACTLY who and where its happening. If there is a report of a violation, we’re going to place the “did you get the unit number? Well, there isn’t much we can do…”

That pissed me off to royal extent that the people who should be defending our tenuous roadway rights actually endanger us.

Way to go, Orange Country!