Tooned out (DOG EAR)

Tooned out (DOG EAR)

ne of my guilty pleasure are Webtoons, specifically found on the site of that name (search for it). This is an avenue for artists to easily post up their comic strips so the reader can follow them and enjoy them. Some of them occasionally get turned into low-budget movies. If I were an artist (and not a writer) I might consider it.

I have subscribed to a dozen of these which post on different days. My little guilty pleasure was to ride my bike into work, have a shower, get a cup of coffee and since I was the first and only person in at a quarter to eight, I’d sit down over my steaming cup and enjoy them.

But a few months ago, something happened. I suddenly started feeling that it was getting tedious. Some of the artists were milking their series, slowing them down to get all the storyline they could without having to plot too far ahead. Some of them got muddled, and some of them got old.

While I kept my subscription to them, I really have stopped following them. Oh, there are a couple I enjoy (and can recommend (but you have a lot of catching up to do)). Some examples…

Slackworm: The ongoing story of the world’s laziest dragon.

Windbreaker: While the name is translated from Korean and is a bit unfortunate in English, this cycle-racing story has always gripped me. The art is vibrant and the storyline good.

Adventures of God: What if God were one of us? Just a slob like all of us? Actually, this story is about the almighty, his angels, the devil, his demons, and all the people who die and go either way. In particular, I love that there is a coven of little girls who summon Satan for silly things, and the story about a girl whose cat dies (and goes to Hell, because all cats do, because they like to watch) brought me to tears after my own Mookie died.

So yes, there are some good storylines out there. And maybe I’ll go back to some of the other’s I’ve abandoned. They are still out there, still available. Adding a chapter or two every week.