Toys or Else

Toys or Else

You know you are a Model Railroader when…

Look, I’m kitbashing up the bunker-like building between the CSX HQ and the Jacksonville terminal for the traveling layout. Gray, slablike, etc. Got lots of pictures outside (dull pictures because it’s a dull building). And then I looked on LiveSeachMaps to see what the roof looked like.

The concrete slabwork, I can do. The AC boxes, I can buy. But there is a big circular skylight that had me stumped.

I went through Colonial’s Walther’s catalog – nothing. Looked all over the house. Nothing. Looking at it again, I realized how much it looked like a spoked wheel. Drove over to Toys r’ Us and looked about.

Nothing will get you on Florida’s perv list like walking around the toys, looking at nothing in particular but thinking hard. Three clerks asked if “everything was alright.”

Anyway, I found a $10 bucket of cowboy’s and indians. And in it is a wagon. And on that are four round, spoked wheels.


I’m set.

(The rest of the toys in the bucket go to Goodwill)