I actually used to fear rear blowouts. When I’d have them years back, I’d either take the bike to the shop or spend two hours fussing the back tire off on the ACed porch. My famous Halloween debacle involved a rear blowout, popping the spare while trying to get the tube back on, and a horrible bus ride home. Back tire blowouts involve the saddlebags, that greasy chain, tight quarters and a lot of effort. I don’t like them.

Friday’s blowout  was different. Then, I was more concerned about the surroundings. I still goofed a few steps but by-in-large, I got the back tire on in 15 minutes and was away. After that, the bike went to the shop for brake replacements, a tune-up, and supposedly a back wheel inspection (why did it pop? I’ve got a Kevlar insert!).

So I’m riding in today, four miles after my repair, and the back tire goes out again! I felt like Lando Calrissian – “They told me they fixed it!”. So now I’m roadside in a service station, fixing the tire up. Used their airpump to fully inflate the tire.

And as I’m working it (and trying, in vain, to find what cased this flat) I realized that these last two times have cured me of my fears. Changing the rear tire is not the big deal it was. Do it a couple of times on the side of the road with just your tire-prys and you’ll certainly build confidence.

And this is confidence I’ll need when I shoot for home this evening on a very questionable rear wheel, with no spare.

Wish me luck.