Trigger Warning (Review)

Trigger Warning (Review)

rigger Warning is a collection of Neil Gaiman short stories, perfect for the long plane trip to Amsterdam. They all are stories which the main character is surprised (sometimes fatally) by a turn of events. Often they are close calls, or cautionary notes, or just death. But they were all fun.

My favorite of the bunch was Adventure Story, a cute little story where a man asks his mom about an item on his late-father’s desk, an tiny figuring, and in denying and pooh-poohing it, his mother hints of some sort of crazy Indian Jones adventure his father went through. The more he asks, the more she misdirects, the more hints we have. Airships? Germans? Living Aztecs? Man, I literally laughed out loud through this one. I’d include a link but I wasn’t able to find it on the web anywhere.

Looking through the others, there was My Last Landlady, a tale of a nice yet demented landlady who murders her sea-side tenets. And there was Black Dog, an interested tale of the character Shadow Moon, who I read about shortly afterwards when I plowed through American Gods (another Gaiman work). And Orange, which was conducted as an interview with a survivor of one of those Akira moments when someone close to this interviewee, a sad little failure, gets true power and starts using it. There was even a Doctor Who tale which was amusing, too.

Even best was in the author’s introduction, where he tells the wheres and whys of what each tale is about, fun little details that make the story even better. Trust me – don’t just read them blindly – skip to the stories, read each one stand-alone, then go back and read his comments. It was a lot of fun.

This was a great book for long, slow riverboat trips and lazy nights sipping river-cruise coffee on the upper deck.