Uncork (DOG EAR)

Uncork (DOG EAR)

‘m not proud of what I did, but I did it and I’ll stand by it.

A few days ago I lost a longtime friend to Covid. He chose not to get his shot and paid the price. I can’t be sure why he made this decision but I have to think that part of it was the symphony of misinformation and bald-faced lies about the safety of the shots and the dangers of Covid.

His choice.


A day after hearing of his passing, someone on Facebook started with the misinformation again, questioning masks, blaming the current administration for their ineffectiveness, waving the blamethrower through wide arcs.

And that did it for me. I let go.

With a broad plastering of obscenities and verbal assaults, I told the guy exactly what I thought of people who spout a counter-safety stream of bullshit. Winning hearts and minds? Not a chance at this point. I’ve been patient for a year and a half. I’ve seen the second surge. I’ve lost two friends in a month. I’m done. So when someone starts questioning (again) if kids should be “forced” to wear masks in school (as if it is their constitutional right to cropdust their class with Covid) I’m done. First amendment rights? Well, it’s shouting fire in a theater. It’s loose lips sinking ships. It’s dropping the dime on Anne Frank. And so there comes a point where being polite and non-political fall away. It’s can-o-spinach time. And I let go.

Not only did I insult him, I blamed him directly in the murder of my friend. After all, how many others factored his falsehoods into their decision?

Elegant? No. Civilized? No. But I’m done with this. When you peddle something like this, you earn the anger of people who are masking and sheltering into the second year simply because we couldn’t hit 90%. And if you disagree with this, it’s on you.

I wouldn’t suggest you contact me with any counterpoints. Fair warning.