Undertow (Review)

Undertow (Review)

kay, this is going to be a terrible review. No, it would be unfair to say that the book I’m reviewing, Undertow, was terrible. Actually it was okay, even good. No, it just took me forever to get to writing this review. Months. I’m going to do my best here, typing with one hand and flipping through the book in the other.

So André Deschênes is an assassin located on the oceanic colony world with its floating city, Novo Haven.There is a nasty corporation running things (you ever notice that there are never evil mom ‘n pop stores?). Anyway, there is an indigenous race on this, a bunch of froglike inhabitants who labor for the company dime and die in horrible accidents quite frequently.

So, our assassin: he’s trying to figure a way to get out of this racket, to learn conjuring (which is the manipulation of odds). The trouble is, he just took a contract hit on the woman who was running the resistance against the corporation. Even worse, she was the companion of the guy he needs to gain his training from for conjuring. And even even worse, she was the friend of his current girlfriend. So it’s like a dark sitcom with everyone hating him but figuring out who is useful for whose plans. But revolution is still brewing, and the corporation is still plotting, and the probabilities are still boiling.

Seriously, that’s about all I remember. It was a good book but I felt like maybe it was a part of some series? I never checked but there was a lot of in-book situations that I needed to catch up on. Possibly it was meant to imply depth or maybe to get me to buy more books – can’t say. Anyway, it was a good book which I knocked off pretty quick and then forgot to review – the fault was mine.