V2 (Review)

V2 (Review)

n interesting story that involves romance, but not in the way you’d think it. Since, of course, it centers around our wood-be lovers on either side of a ballistic rocket with a ton of high explosive in the nose cone.

So in World War Two, the Germans have switched to their rockets to get hits on London (they’d be shot out of the sky if they tried to continue their bombing). In retrospect, it was the biggest boondoggle of the war – each rocket carries about as much as a couple of bombers, and allied bombers are coming over the Reich in thousand-plane raids by this time. But the Germans are intent on vengeance (hence the “V” in V2).

So we have a young English intelligence officer, Kate Caton-Wash, being on the business-end of a V2 attack in the midst of an illicit affair with another English officer. To escape the shame of this, she requests a posting on a new defense against the V2s, namely a radar base in liberated Belgium, where some quick slide-rule action will allow the English to attempt Spitfire counterstrikes against the launch sites.

But on the other end of the rocket war, there is engineer Rudi Graf, who has really lost his enthusiasm for this effort. He just wanted to work with the great Von Braun to fly to the moon, and not blow roofs off English houses. Completely unhappy and under the eyes of the SS, Rudi just goes through his days, launching rockets and watching this stupid strategy play out.

Where the romance comes in, well, you’ll have to read it. I enjoyed the book and you should be able to find it at retailers still. Worth a look, especially if you want to find out how the German rocket program actually worked.