Virus II

Virus II

You might remember my claim to have defeated the virus a short time ago. I spoke too soon.

It seemed I still had pellets lodged in my cyber-hide, buckshot from a virus mix that blasted my defenses while looking for (of all things) muzzleloader wav files. Microsoft Security Essentials was killed and Malwarebytes did its best, but evidently I had numerous infections.

It was odd, but Malware (my favorite tool) never entered into the fight (after some initial finds). No, it was MSE (after I reinstalled and fixed the updater) that took the fight to the enemy. Eventually we found something like six different viruses over the next week, various forms of the initial one. I’d just update MSE and rescanned, and ever day or so their coders would catch up to another one. Now its been a week and everything seems clear.

I was a little worried that I might have pulled them in off those SoundBible files I fetched down for TimeTripper. Still, I ran a sweep last night and we were clean. This morning I went to the dealer for an oil change and played TimeTripper. This afternoon, I ran a full-out scan on everything and didn’t turn up anything.

Of course, I can never be sure, but I think we’ve gotten to the end of this.

But, like the Buddha on the road, if I ever meet a hacker, I’ll throttle him!