Wild Time (Review)

Wild Time (Review)

or you folks who want your Shakespeare more accessible, I give you Wild Time, a twist on A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Rose Biggin (who wrote a short story I particularly enjoyed) and Keir Cooper.

So, as Bard Bill wrote it, the Duke of Athens and the Amazon Queen are getting married and the fairies of the forest are all abuzz (you can actually imagine that, right?). They want to give the newlyweds something they can really use, not just a toaster but a stud. The problem is that the king of the fairies gets his knob bent about how much the queen enjoys the fellow (and, worse, they’ll be giving this boy away the next day). So to get his lovers’ revenge, he has his mischievous buddy Puck create a special sauce that will make the applicant (aware or otherwise) fall widely in love with whoever they see. So, of course, the Fairy King doses the lust-fried Fairy Queen and the ball is in motion. Puck then goes on to stumble across some players, rehearsing their play that they are to present at the wedding tomorrow (I won’t tell you what the play was, but I was laughing literally out loud (LLOL). The next thing you know, their stud (leather worker and exotic dancer and now actor, Bottom) gets turned into an ass (or donkey, or mule). Either way, he’s well-hung. And while he might have scared off his fellow thespians, the drugged Fairy Queen spots him and the sex really gets going.

I’m going to say this – I got paid at one time to write erotica. And the pages that author Biggins and Cooper steamed out are quite… astounding. I was amazed at the number of ways they could describe fornication (I’m going to keep this as Cliff Notes if I ever get back into that biz).

So Wild Time is a wild ride of sex, Shakespeare and funny modern-world references. It bounds along in its jaunty path, wrapping up in 180-some pages, enough to humor but not to tire. Great book and an imaginative take.

I hope they don’t do Macbeth. I liked Macbeth. Then again, sexy witches, right?

You can get a copy HERE. And toss in a pound and they’ll even sign your copy.

Sexy fairy queens. I still can’t get that through out of my mind.