Work – where everyone screws up

Work – where everyone screws up

Had to ride in today. The car is having severe electrical problems – everything except the headlights and recharger is out – no windows, no moonroof, no mirror adjustment. Even the heated seats are out (and damn, did needed them this week). So its in the shop and I’m on Kiki’s broomstick (i.e. my bike).

So had that going on, and a late start because I had to curse the dead batteries out of a tail light (with the help of a screwdriver). Found myself playing bus-tag up 1792. You know the game, where you are riding and a city bus overtakes you, but then pulls in for a stop. You go by but he’s past you again, but there go the blinkers and you take the lead. All the way up 1792, down Kennedy Blvd, we played this amusing game.

Got to I-4 (I was ahead) and I could hear him coming up behind. Was under the bridge, in the dark, shielded from the road by pillars when the thought struck me – was this bus #1 or #9?

If its #9, it will keep going up Kennedy. It it’s #1, it will hang a right. See, being a pro-public-transport liberal, I’ve ridden the bus sometimes (when the bike broke or it was raining and I had no car). I know the routes. But I know if its #1 and he follows his route and hangs a right, I’ll be squashed. He can’t see me in the dark behind the pillars.  But I’m not sure which bus I’ve been playing with for miles. Never thought about it. Smooth move, Mr. Matador.

I go on the brake and hook a look as he comes out of the darkness, and its #1. I’m nearly to a stop when he goes past. And keeps going down Kennedy. Strange. This was his turn. I go back on the pedals, speeding up, and hook onto the frontage road. Did the route change? The signs marking the stops are still up, I can see them in the distance. I’d better check the bus site in case I ever need…


Bus brakes. Over my shoulder, I hear that beeping noise trucks make when they back up. Really?

I’m a little further when bus #1 overtakes me along the I-4 frontage road, roaring past. And I smile as I watch it sail on. Yes, its possible 30,000 lb bus to look “sheepish”.