Writing Dirty, Staying Clean (DOG EAR)

Writing Dirty, Staying Clean (DOG EAR)

kay, you vanillas – please try to stick with this until the end of the piece.

So we’re in the middle of a pandemic, one that a lot of people (especially young people) don’t take seriously. Lots of parties, trips to theme parks, all that. I’ve posted numerous things on Facebook on the importance of distancing but it hit me – outside of my nieces and a couple of young guys who don’t like me anymore I don’t think there are many people under twenty-five in my FB friends. So either you already know it or you’re not going to listen to logic anyway. But yes, for once, I realized my media was missing the mark (virtually a first for me).

Then I thought about a place I do have hundreds of readers. (Hang on to the handrail and keep your arms inside the cart at this point).

I have written erotica in the past. Pretty much Fire and Bronze was sold because of the erotics I penned (my agent says that’s what caught his attention). I was also contacted and commissioned for three collections through an online publishing house (yes, and was paid for it). And, over the years, I’d rattled out enough short stories onto the web that I have a following of hundreds of fans and just under a half-million views. So that’s more sizable that Early Retirement Book Group on Facebook which numbers in the thirties.

And many if not most of my readers there are presumably young. Specifically, the target market I need to sway to self-isolation and self-quarantine.

So I sat down and wrote a really sexy piece that involves a powerful woman tasked with isolating a hedonistic young man. It was fun and cute and sexy – I made two passes through the erotic parts, adding everything the thesaurus recommended for “heaving” and “sticky”. Hey, you write to your audience. Got it done in short order and posted it up with a short request at the end to isolate.

Did millions change their ways? No. But several people wrote to thank me for the message and maybe I bumped others in that direction. Perhaps I saved a life. Further, a couple of other writers liked the idea and are now duplicating it with their own tales.

So yes, I put my efforts where they were best employed. I tried to do my bit. And no, I’m not going to tell you where the story is.


p.s. Little joke. I wrote my heart out for F&B. Later, my mom told me how much she enjoyed the story. Nothing prepared me for that!