You haven’t read…? (DOG EAR)

You haven’t read…? (DOG EAR)

kay, not this has happened twice. A person in conversation says, “Oh, you haven’t read…?” and then foists a book on me. And that’s fine. As you can see from my reading list HERE, I’m not focused on one thing.

But in both cases, I’m halfway through and hence, of course, the follow-up conversation arises, where “I’m at the point where…” and that’s when I find out that, no, they haven’t read it.



I recommend books all the time – refer to that list above – but at least I’ve read them. And one of my sins is that I’m always pushing movies on people. You gotta see this. You gotta see that. Man, I even detail scenes out of movies at length (and don’t think I don’t see that eye-rolling). But I’ve seen them. If I’m recommending it, I’ve watch it a half-dozen times, if not more. But I’m not just giving it to you because I heard it was good.

I’m just confused to the point of not knowing what to write about this. Is it that you want to share an experience that you’ve never actually undergone (Brian William’s wild helicopter ride comes to mind)? That you hear me talk about books and want to be part of that so you give me one, knowing I’ll talk to you about it?

I just don’t know why you wouldn’t mention this before, rather than bring it up when I come in all babbily and enthusiastic about your loaner. It makes no sense.

Do I need to start fingering your book, looking someone nervously at its length and small font size, and ask, “So, you’ve read this, right? You’re sure?”

A good exec (the only good exec I’ve ever known) said that you should never provide problems, you should provide solutions. I don’t have a solution (or even a take) on this. It’s just something strange I’ve come across in my world of reading.

Next week’s review: Moby Dick!