Zoe’s Tale (Review)

Zoe’s Tale (Review)

his book, Zoe’s Tale, is the fourth book (and opener for the second 3-part set) of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series.Now, I’ll tell you that I loved the first set, the entire idea that when you get older, you can trade your old broken-down body (trust me on this – regardless of all the exercise and diet you work on, it still breaks down) and get a new body. The trouble is, this new super-body is yours if you work for the Colonial Defense Forces and fight for years. And never come back to Earth. Once you are all done with your deployment, you’ll get another body (a more “normal” body) and you can now colonize a planet.

So the third book of the first set apparently had a number of things implied and unexplained, generating a lot of fan chatter about these things. So this resulted in Zoe’s Tale, a book that fills in some of the gaps and holes, told from the main character’s daughter’s perspective. So, okay.

This could possibly have been done as a novella or something (the guys behind The Expanse did just that, with all sorts of short stories that filled in their impressive universe). It was possibly a bit of a stretch to lengthen this out. It’s been a while since I’d read the last one but I recognized a number of events I’d already read once (and even though it was told from a different POV, it was a bit, well, Deja-vue-ish). It wasn’t too bad for me (since things were hazy two years later for me, and the author did a good job bringing me back up to speed). But yes, my friend had read the books straight through and it was a bit of a painful double-back for him.

So yes, a good book if you like sci-fi and want the full story of how the main character’s daughter really saved the day and the colony and her parents and her friends and the human race and all that. Possibly you should read the first set of Old Man’s War and then set the timer for 2-3 years to pick Zoe’s Tale up. Just letting you know.