Zoom boot!

Zoom boot!

After a long day, once I’m home, its easy to feel impatient when firing up the computer for fun with games or the net.

But my computer’s boot felt sooooo slooooow.

Even at the train club, I’d boot up my computer so someone else could use it to dispatch and they’d comment, “It’s taking forever”. And these are old guys; they know what forever means.

Funny thing, but I was listening to “AOL Anime” on radio.com and the had a tech blurb about Soluto, a freebeeware that allows you to look at what’s booting up with your computer, the ramifications of turning these things off, and the ability to do so. Their site even has a 5 minute video that shows you how to use it. Yes, it’s that easy. And I cut my boot from 4:45 down to 3:30 using this.

Check them out at the link above. Well worth it!