And Book Parole (DOG EAR)

And Book Parole (DOG EAR)

mentioned last week about a book I picked up from the used bookstore, RailSea. I didn’t have a solid idea of what I was going to do with this fine book I’d rescued. Like my sister and her kitty-placement efforts, I wanted to get it a good home.

I had an idea but it still hadn’t gelled yet. But then JB and I wandered over to Framework, one of our favorite coffeehouses. And that day, our favorite barista was crushing the beans. I need to find out her name but she’s always flashing a smile a and taking interest in her clients. We’ve talked about all sorts of things – she got us into the Netflix show Derry Girls. We’ve talked books as well.

She’s just one of those people everyone likes.

So the other day my wife and I were in – I had RailSea with me since I’d started reading it again (I’d forgotten how good it was). I was in the last twenty pages and went up to the counter to get a refill. And that’s when she asked what I was reading – and that’s how we got to talking about this crazy world of tracks and trains and monsters and captains chasing the beasts that took their limbs off. She told me she wanted to read it.

Easily done. I knocked out the last chapter, sat back, took my final bite of pastry and my final sip of coffee, just savoring the ending. Than we walked for the back door, and I waved goodbye and thumped my spent book onto the counter – “Enjoy”.

So we’ll see. She seemed really interested in it but we’ll see – this isn’t the book for the faint of letters. It is classically written, thoughtful, clever and dynamic. If you have your stories spoon-fed, maybe it’s not for you. But I think she’s clever and sharp enough to get through it.

Frankly, I want to see what happens when something beautiful to me gets lodged into her brain.

Ain’t literature wonderful?