Best of 2018 (DOG EAR)

Best of 2018 (DOG EAR)

s traditionally on this site (well, as of last year), here are my outstanding books from 2018. I am not ranking these in any order. Simply put, they are the best five from the 50 or so reviews I did this year. If you are looking for something to spend your Barnes & Noble gift card on, these are you best choices.

Leviathan Wakes – This has become a powerful series on the Sci-Fi network, a great saga of books that follows four characters on a small stolen ship in a universe defined by our solar system (in a hundred or so years). It was funny, scary, thoughtful and magnificent. Check it out!

The Last Days of Magic – Apparently, the real history of the world involves the spread of civilization and the suppression (or collection) of magic. Now the Catholic Church, with its monopoly on spell-casting, eyes Ireland as the final collection of raw, green magic.  Check it out!

The Shack – I’m not one for religious books but this one met me halfway. Can a man whose daughter has been killed by a serial killer find forgiveness and acceptance by God? For once, the dynamic trio is on the stand, having to answer for the sins of the world. Check it out!

A Man called Ove – Yeah, I said I wouldn’t rank books, but his one was my number one favorite. How can you like a cranky old man surrounded by the idiots our world produces? At the end, I don’t think it’s possible to not blink back tears – I was crying like a baby. A beautiful story told in magnificence. Check it out!

Dark Matter – Okay, so Ove was my number one favorite. This one was also. Everyone dreams that they’d love to have the world where they made the right choices. But what if you did and found it still sucked? This book will change the way you look at parallel universes – stunning! Check it out.

And so that’s it. You’ve got your reading list. Pick one of these up and then meet me for coffee and let’s chat about them.