Bridge to somewhere

Bridge to somewhere

After that horrible leg-pull last week, I was looking at my bike like it was the horse that had thrown me. Since dropping the meds (because they made me into a staggering zombie), the leg’s been a little sore. When Citracare called to see how I was doing, I asked if I could ride. “Sure, but for goodness sakes, take it easy.”

Knew just the place.

I’d seen the ladies down the street riding on the new urban trail downtown, one that wends between the lakes and parks. I’d been dying to try it and its only two miles off. So today I mounted up and with the aid of a following wind, set off.

It’s a very nice run, with lots of well-marked road crossings (the city’s push on pedestrian awareness is paying off – everyone was stopping and gesturing me across). The parks were lush with the recent rains, the wildlife cavorting about. Everyone was just grooving along with the city skyline looking so utopian across Lake Ivanhoe. Rode down to the end (it’s odd in that it’s shaped like a hairpin, doubling back on itself for a mile or so). But it’s still fun.

I was gratified to see they’d named it “The Dinky Line” after the old rail line that ran through there. A little local history that made me smile.

There was this bridge just south of Princeton, crossing one of the lakes of Lock Haven. Last time I’d been through, the bridge didn’t go anywhere – it just ran into a chain link fence at the end (talk about my severe strain. I’d have really been severely strained if I hit that some dark night). Anyway, the bridge is part of the trail now, providing nice access to the museums along the western shore.

It’s a great little trail for family riding, a nice addition to the city’s growing effort to be more ped-friendly. And that’s a good thing. Whether its of any practical use to commuters, I doubt it. Me, I’ll hook onto 17-92 where I can run the straight and narrow into work.

But good going Orlando!