Change of scene (DOG EAR)

Change of scene (DOG EAR)

ll good things come to an end. And while I’ve (mostly) enjoyed my time in this corporation, it’s time to end it.

I mentioned I was thinking about retirement in the review of The Decision Book. And how my boss know it was coming since she was Among our Subscribers. I’ve told the team and it spread like wildfire. So suddenly I’m getting back forty hours each week (fifty if you count the commuting) for my own uses.

And that’s troubling.

See, over the last twenty years here, I’ve learned to write hard and fast. Did several novels out on the back patio at lunchtime, looking down at the lake (in the winter, it would get so cold!). I’ve taught myself how to go from workmode-me to writer-me in the blink of an eye. With my writing tinytop under my arm, I’d ride down in the elevator, bringing myself up to spin. When I sat down with the computer up and running, I’d review just enough from where I’d cut off to make a smooth transition. In an hour, I could generally write two to three (maybe four, with a tailwind) (or is it talewind?) pages.

Now, of course, lunch might be in the back yard, or the Florida room. It will probably include kittens. And wives asking questions. And I won’t have a time for starting or ending. It’s going to be unstructured.

I’ll admit concerns.

So I’ll see if I can keep this up, using the same effort that has generated weekly blogs since 2012. I’ve got to put in time (time not used for astronomy, model railroading, game writing, game playing, movies, travel, and playing with kittens). I’ll have to redevelop my writing methods.

Going to be interesting…