Cold Feet (DOG EAR)

Cold Feet (DOG EAR)

nteresting thing happened the other night.

I’ve invited my fireball niece (who has done everything from traveling across Ireland with us to riding a critical mass on a Blompton) to do a guest review. She’s settling into her world o’ work and has a little more time, now that her school/party days are sadly fading behind her. Since she’s reading more, I hoped to get some of her book reviews up (less work for me, right?). She agreed.

So, the night in question, she IMed me to tell me she was going to write a review. I thought about it and checked my library. And guess what? I’d already reviewed it. And I sorta liked it, but she didn’t.

I’m not quite sure how it worked out but either she didn’t want to write something bad, or didn’t want to counter my own argument. As for the first point, yes, it is hard to write a negative review – I’ve gotten hammered by an author when his writing confused me (and wait until Dead Man’s Chest (when I eventually limp through that)). But overall, yes, being critical about someone’s art is a tough thing to do. So that might have been a bit of it.

Second point – our difference of opinion? I welcome that. There was my review of Moby Dick that inspired a friend to offer a rebuttal. That’s why we read. I have heard that people don’t like A Man Called Ove and can’t understand that. Of course, I’m the only living creature on this planet who doesn’t like Harry Potter so there you go. No accounting for taste.

But I’m hoping she’ll review a book or two for me. I was honored when my dad did a couple. So maybe we can get someone else to post up here so you can see what other’s think about other books. In fact, that offer is pretty much open to anyone – post me a review and I’ll put it up.