The Last Emperox (Review)

The Last Emperox (Review)

or this review, I’m going to avoid spoilers. It’s the last book of the The Interdependency Trilogy. I won’t tell you who lives and who dies. However, the flow passages between the planets of the Empire are shutting down, entire habitats with billions of souls dependent on trade will die, and the only planet (End) with a natural biosphere that could keep humans alive is controlled by evil Noble House Nohamapetan, and even if they lifted their blockade the planet would be overrun by billions of displaced people.

So it’s pretty grim.

We see Emperox Grayland II trying to mature before a coup is launched on her. And Kiva Lagos, now in charge of Nohamapetan’s remaining in-empire assets, is herself kidnapped. Finding out how you can escape from an outbound starship, sealed up in a locker, makes for laugh-filled reading.

And that’s the thing – even though the stakes are high and the end is nigh, the third book of series is winding down (or is it – there was plenty of room left for sequels, given the Emperox’s strength of character in the end). It’s really worth a read – a number of people followed my recommendation on this series and have been glad that they did. You can be too.

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