Best of 2023 (DOG EAR)

Best of 2023 (DOG EAR)

nce again, my favorite books of the year for 2023. Unlike prior years, I’ll post these in reverse order of enjoyment, meaning the top pick is at the end, and we’ll build up to it. So here we go: Top Books I Read in 2023!

Number 5: Norse Mythology: A great book from Neil Gaiman that looks at the Norse gods and their struggles in plain (and enjoyable) English. A great read about great struggles, and the end-of-the-world was quite touching.

Number 4: Never Surrender: The story of Churchill and the struggles he faces as the forces of fascism assembled along the French coast. If you think the English were always resolute in their fight, um, no. They needed a man to rally them and Winston was that figure. For all his faults, he saved us from a Nazi Europe and a literal new age of darkness.

Number 3: Mistborn: A great tale of magic and battling in a world doomed. I loved how the magic system worked – it was interesting and the author was quite creative. Everyone who has read this from my recommendation has come away with a smile. Maybe you should try it?

Number 2: Into the Storm: This story of an aging World War Two destroyer, plucked from our world and dumped into an alternate history where the meteor didn’t fall, the dinosaurs were not extinguished and the world was wildly different, well, it was the gateway for me into this fine series.

And… the best of the best for our year past…


Number 1: Cloud Cuckoo Land: A tale from multiple timelines that stretches from the fall of Constantinople to outer space, told from characters you will care for and love. It’s full of poignant moments of smiles and tears. It’s what a good book should be. I recommend this with the strength of my top place, number one pick.

And that’s the list. Next week, I’ll have to tell you about a recommendation I made last year, and how it came back with love and smiles just last night. Watch this space for details!