India – Day Zero – Worries, worries

India – Day Zero – Worries, worries

ey, blogs can be therapeutic. I think you can write stress away. Anyway, hoping so.

We’ve been getting ready for our big India trip, twelve days on the other side of the world. I’d name this work Passage to India but that’s already taken. But it’s been no less an ordeal.

Our travelers include myself, my wife and my sister. We came up with this a half year back – I pitched it to the wife and managed to get her to agree (you can refer to my other blogs to know just what happened to her in Amsterdam – hint, it made a noise like a stick breaking. So she’s a little timid about the entire deal.

But the troubles. We had to go get our GOES cards (so we can hopefully get around the worst of security – I don’t know if this will work at all). Then the travel visas (India demands them). Here we got a close look at Indian bureaucracy when they shut the payment site down as I completed my wife’s request (mine took an hour to do with my sister’s guidance). This added three days to the process and we tried and tried to simply pay for her request, and finally had to do the entire thing over. Then the tickets to NYC (where we’ll catch AirFrance to India). And the various pill regiments we’ve had to start (for typhoid and malaria).

I don’t know how this is going to pan out. Right now I’m having to do 90% of the trip prep, and this sucks since my wife is retired and I’m very busy. There is the hassle of getting to the airport. And as of the time of this writing, our departure date is looking like its being held in conjunction with a winter storm coming through NYC. We have something like a 6-7 hour layover (we learned that from our trip to Switzerland), but I’m still worried. If you want a mental picture of me right now, imagine me pacing. That’s pretty much it.

More details on the way. I hope to update our trip report either on a plane somewhere out over the Atlantic, or perhaps in an airport hotel room in New York, snow swirling down. More to come.