OpsLog – TBL – 6/13/2024

OpsLog – TBL – 6/13/2024

uick blog for a quick session – Greg and I decided to run a fast one to test out the tower on a mid-day Wednesday (ah, the joy of retirement). And that’s why I found myself, with my operator on the drive over, discovering that the tower was not working. It was that fault 16 nonsense again, but other levers in that range would trigger it. Had chief engineer Steve on the line, weeping and crying at him, when it suddenly stopped and ran right as rain. Bullet proof. I can’t explain it.

So Greg showed up and we ran the session. I did get levers tangled one time (for a reboot) when I backed levers out in the wrong order. But otherwise everything ran great. We knocked out a full local operator/leverman session in two hours. I’m happy with how it went and am looking for a final operator for a July 7th session because a newbie wants a go. Got room for a station operator (to handle managing the interlocking and dealing with the crews). Let me know if you want in.

Oh, and Greg, it’s not my cars. My cars rolled about the layout with cunning and vigor, getting backed into tight sidings and uncoupling like champs. Maybe it was your blunt-tipped “special” pick or something but you might wish to try either pushing in or stretching out cuts before uncoupling (that might help). My beautifully-weathered NS covered hopper had its feelings hurt.

But other than that, a nice quick session.