Premium Rush

Premium Rush

Okay, so I don’t do movie reviews anymore, and I hardly commuted by bike this week (raining). But still, we watched Premium Rush tonight. While fictitious and unlikely, it sure made me smile. It’s a true biker’s movie.

See, Wilee, ex-law-student, NEET and now bike courier, is just doing his day-to-day risk-taking in traffic, just one miss after another. And he’s on a suicide ride, one of those fixees, steel frame, no gears and no brakes, what the true risk-takers ride (no shit – about a year ago, one of these guy got crushed by an ambulance in town). The idea is that you use Zen awareness and lightning-fast decision making skills to dodge around, other-way-round, or over whatever might come your way.

Of course, this time he’s carrying something, something a crooked cop wants, something a desperate mom needs, something that will spark the rivalry with his nemesis. It all comes down to this.So up and down long island we go, one desperate stunt after another.

Great flick with some stunning stunts (his chase through a police impound lot is something beyond belief).

Now, do I ride a fixee? No, I think they are insane. And the riding? Nothing like my riding – I’m a right-side, hug-the-curb sorta cyclist, the type of guy who rides there and back again. But then again, I’ve been doing this for 20 years now, have hit the ground about five times solid, and still had less wrecks than he had in 90 minutes. Fun to watch, fluid throughout, as tense and clever and quick as a courier.

If you ride, you aught to see this.