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General Blog

April 21, 2013

New Computer

I‘ve read all sorts of books about piracy, and the one part of it that really makes me NOT want to be a pirate (outside of dangling in a cage at the end of Execution Dock, slowly rotting until the gulls are picking the eyeballs out of my sun bleached corpse) is careening. See, while you yo-ho your way around the Caribbean, your bottom gets foul (we’re talking your ship’s hull) with long strands of weed. This could prove very disadvantageous if the Spanish Navy (not the English – can we put THAT movie misconception to rest now?) attempt pursuit. […]
April 19, 2013


Under a tent, wearing a purple running shirt, with skyscrapers against the setting sun and everyone chatting and helicopters beating about and like, what the hell am I doing here? And how did I get myself into running a 5K? That’s a long story (thought I still hate Sam for talking me into this). It’s the corporate 5K run in downtown Orlando, a massive event. FedEx had a tent and I’m on the people committee, so here I am. You may have seen, in prior weeks, my miserable attempts to train up for this (and how I kept pulling muscles […]
February 25, 2013

Guest Blog: Alan Kierstead

Introductions have that double-edged feel to them. Is this person worth taking the time to get to know? Are they like a well-decorated cake that you cut into and find that beautiful icing was lovingly laid atop a well-formed pile of spam? Perhaps they’re a rusty old chest filled with gems? You could always get a rusty chest filled with an iced-spam cake. I suppose it’s the mystery that makes introductions fun. So, let me introduce myself. I’m Alan Kierstead, a not-always-well-oiled writing, chess-playing, racquetball-slamming, basketball-shooting, kid-raising machine. Sometimes I’m the iced-spam cake. I’d like to think there are a […]
December 23, 2012

God hates them? Really?

Was walking home with JB  after a hipster lunch over at the local diner, Frankenstein over a cheeseburger, yum! Came to the corner of Virginia and Utah where this massive clump of unchecked foliage has pressed out a full lane, a hazzard for drivers trying to get around it. And there we found the two ladies who live down the street from us cutting it back with sheers and sweat-equity. See, it wasn’t even their house. And they said while they were cutting it, the owners drove out and gave them a look. But there have been many near-misses because […]
December 16, 2012

Night on the Town

Interesting Saturday night. A work-friend, Diana, invited me to purchase tickets for an event her choir group was singing at. Keith and Kristyn Getty were hosting a performance of Joy – an Irish Christmas. Sure, why not. Got tickets for ourselves and the folks, too. Little bit of a hiccup day-of-show – Dad didn’t feel up to long walking and decided to just stay at our house while Mom, JB and I went to the Bob Carr (the Orlando Performing Arts Center (you really can’t use “Orlando” and “Performing Arts” in the same sentence, most times). Anyway, Diana snagged us […]
November 17, 2012

Greek to me

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks here at I’ve never been comfortable with the site’s lack of backup. After initiating it a few years back, I never found a backup system that seemed to work (you know the drill – you install something, follow the instructions, and suddenly you are at a screen that doesn’t match the instructions; Monopoly on a Ouija board. So I’ve been meaning to do that. It was my intention. Blah blah. Then a few weeks ago, I started getting a lot of registration activity on my board. Yay, me! Every hour, another registrant. […]
October 31, 2012

Robert Raymond, Vampire Hunter

Months in the marking… Back around March or April, my admin told me (following my stint as a carnie barker at a work function) that she knew what I should be in our Halloween work party – Abe Lincoln, Vampire Slayer. The idea had appeal. It took some doing. First, JB and I went to see that silly movie, just to see what it was about. Then I read a book on Lincoln. Then, a month ago, I started letting my beard grow out so I’d have something to work with. And then the final weeks – renting a tailed […]
October 28, 2012


    The site will be undergoing maintenance and background work, and I’ll be occupied with other hobby efforts. This means I won’t really have any updates for the next week or so. See you when I get back!    
October 22, 2012

Lock down

It looks like I’m getting hit by registration bots. I’ve gotten about a dozen registrations today and they all have the same format. This being the case, I’ve locked down registrations until I can figure out what to do (if anything). You can still leave comments – you’ll just have to answer the little coded id question. No big deal. If you’d really like an account, simply send me your username and email address and I’ll set you up. Sorry about this. The web can be a crazy place.
October 2, 2012


Came home from the club last night to find a new guest in the house. While driving to the gym, my wife had found a stray kitten on the side of a busy highway. Thunderstorms were coming in. Night was falling. She did the right thing – stopped, fetched it, brought it home. It was a yellow kitten, its eyes barely open, with flees and hardly any meat on its bones – you could hold it in your palm. JB did what she could – fed it milk from an eyedropper. We kept it in the bedroom in a box all […]