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September 28, 2013

Rhine – Day Four – Wet entertainment and bed fun

Strasbourg was our first full-day port (or first full day aboard, or whatever). Interesting place. After a night of bumping and thumping (but not too badly) through locks, dawn found us docked along an industrial area south of town. However, what a nice place (better, I’d suspect, than civic-prided blight of New Jersey). A line of railway goods wagons stood in a neatly mown and tree-lined railyard, with swans swanning (sorry, but that’s exactly what they were doing) about between ship and shore. On a nearby road and sweeping bridge, bicyclists whizzed past with German efficiency and French pride. Unlike […]
September 27, 2013

Rhine – Day Three – Top of the world, Ma!

What a difference today. If yesterday set us onto the course of vacation happiness, today gave us a hefty shove in the right direction. I will admit being a bit on edge overnight – troubles sleeping. Would we be able to get the excursion we wanted – Mount Pilatus – or would be we be bumming around Zurich for another half day, waiting for the ship’s coach to leave? We ended up at the signup desk first thing at 8am and were first on the list (actually, for a bit, it looked like we wouldn’t have enough but everyone came […]
September 26, 2013

Rhine – Day Two – Zurich finally!

Finally, this is the day we actually made it to Switzerland. While most of what I said for the 13th involved the early morning disaster, the second part (waking up at the hotel, having breakfast, then getting a cab ride back in to sit around and casually await our 6:55pm departure) went by pretty smooth. We took off and flew for most of the night, meaning that by Saturday, we’d made Zurich. Even though UNITED AIRLINES told us to our faces that the luggage would be on our flight (“Yes sir, sitting right there. I can see it on my […]
September 25, 2013

Rhine – Day One – Friday the 13th

Did we ever kick off this unlucky day in style. It started on the 12th, roughly an hour after my last posting. We’re sitting sweet and pretty on the plane in Orlando, the plane pushes back, and that’s it. We sit. It’s an ATC hold on planes into New Jersey International because of weather. Finally (after an hour and more of excruciating delay) we’re off the ground and making back time. Good; we’ll be in to Jersey by 8:30pm, plenty of time for our 9:55 departure to Zurich. Wheels hit wet pavement at 8:30pm on the dot, we turn off […]
September 25, 2013

Rhine – Day Zero – Swiss Trip

It’s hard remembering a more planned out trip, or one that I worried as much about. It’s our 25th wedding anniversary – we had to do something special and magnificent and meaningful and fun. What better way than a River Cruise, a slow week down the lazy Rhine amid suspender-wearing goat herders and honest and forelock-tugging bargemen. Sure, why not? Winter Park Go Travel’s Lucienne set us up well. We went to her when suddenly all the cruises booked up (ten months in advance) and she managed to get us the sort of balcony room we wanted, Basel to Amsterdam, […]
July 30, 2013


I don’t know why I’m going through this sudden interest in things religious. It’s a shallow examination (with little true understanding) so let’s not all pile on screaming that I’m a disbeliever or a heretic or whatever. Perhaps it’s because I’ve watched 54 years go by and have realized I’m mortal. Or I’m curious. Or whatever. But I’ve been getting on the celestial tour bus and riding through religions, checking them out and chatting with their inhabitants. For example, earlier this year, a coffee friend talked me into Lent, where I ended my slavery to things cocacoloaish (a soda boycott […]
June 9, 2013

James Raymond Memorial Service

Beach Mountain FD Domation Link
June 2, 2013

Capt James Raymond

Captain James A. Raymond (1934 – 2013) James Arthur Raymond passed away June 2nd, 2013 at Halifax Health Port Orange. Born in Columbus, Ohio in 1934, he resided in Bexley throughout his childhood. 1956 was a busy year for him, when he both joined the Navy and married Nancy, his childhood sweetheart.  He pursued his naval career with success and promotions across twelve duty stations and thirty years, rising to the rank of Captain. Along the way, he fathered three loving children; Robert, Patricia and Michael. He was a man of varied interests including reading (producing numerous online reviews for […]
April 24, 2013

OpsLog – LM&O – 4/24/2013

I‘m driving home in that easy-smiley way I am once club ops are done and we (as a group) hammered it out of the park. Running west on the 408 in the right lane, just passing Dean Road. To might right, there is an on/off ramp, a short little interchange with two cars coming into merge onto the expressway. I should move over but a glance in the rearview shows a guy overtaking on the left lane. I frown – he’s just in the wrong place for me. Touch of the brake to give the two mergers room in front […]
April 21, 2013

New Computer

I‘ve read all sorts of books about piracy, and the one part of it that really makes me NOT want to be a pirate (outside of dangling in a cage at the end of Execution Dock, slowly rotting until the gulls are picking the eyeballs out of my sun bleached corpse) is careening. See, while you yo-ho your way around the Caribbean, your bottom gets foul (we’re talking your ship’s hull) with long strands of weed. This could prove very disadvantageous if the Spanish Navy (not the English – can we put THAT movie misconception to rest now?) attempt pursuit. […]