July 31, 2022

We have always lived on Mars (take 2) (Review)

o this was one a coworker handed me, a short piece of fiction of a failing Mars colony from Tor Books. Imagine a Mars colony totally cut off. Earth no longer communicates. Dust covers their sky – they’ve not seen the moons or stars or anything. The colony has no resources to expand. All they can do is carefully monitor life support, sending out old folks to die while replacing them with occasional births. Everything is dusty and worn and bleak. So Nina, one of the young women of Mars, turns out to be special. With her suit ripped in […]
April 2, 2023

A Princess of Mars (Review)

his one really takes me back to my teens. I’d read a couple of John Carter books. Back then, the game shops (remember those?) all had rulebooks for Mars battles, and Mars lead miniatures. And then you had Frank Frazetta pumping out erotic, exciting art of John Carter and his crazy adventures… And now what do we have? A movie made by one studio to try to topple the franchise of another (in this case, the juvenile StarWars). Actually, the movie wasn’t all that bad, and they did their best to follow the storyline. But movies are movies and books […]
April 16, 2023

The Gods of Mars (Review)

o here we are at the second novel of John Carter on Mars, The Gods of Mars. And here, author Edgar Rice Burroughs has something to piss off everyone. Race, religion, it’s all there. Really, just read it as an adventure novel and don’t go too deep. So poor John Carter has been separated from his adapted Martian home in the Empire of Helium and his beloved Dejah Thoris for a decade. Finally he manages to teleport his sad little self back to Mars, only to appear in the worst prison on the planet, the Valley Dor, which is held […]