April 27, 2023

Book Rescue (Dog Ear)

was in a used bookstore the other night (a Sunday night after the shop had closed and the owner wasn’t around – don’t ask). Nosed around the scifi section as I am wont to do. And there was RailSea, one of my favorite China Mieville novels. And here’s my review from when it first hit the stands in 2012. RailSea Revew So there I am in a darkened bookstore, where books that might be orphaned, unloved, old, gifted or simply given up on end up. And yes, I’ve floggedd RailSea to a lot of friends (even bought a copy for […]
May 4, 2023

And Book Parole (DOG EAR)

mentioned last week about a book I picked up from the used bookstore, RailSea. I didn’t have a solid idea of what I was going to do with this fine book I’d rescued. Like my sister and her kitty-placement efforts, I wanted to get it a good home. I had an idea but it still hadn’t gelled yet. But then JB and I wandered over to Framework, one of our favorite coffeehouses. And that day, our favorite barista was crushing the beans. I need to find out her name but she’s always flashing a smile a and taking interest in […]