November 28, 2019

Dusty tomes (DOG EAR)

ours and hours…             ninja high school (graphic novel ’87) ninja high school 1-10 gd 11-46 fn ninja high school yearbook 1989 1 vg ninja high school yearbook 1990 2 vg ninja high school the prom formula 1 vg I’ve gone through all my comics and categorized them. Found a bookshop that will take them off my hands so I need to send them the list in their format. This includes the condition of the comics in their format. So I cracked open the boxes and got to work… sin city (graphic novel ’92) vf […]
October 8, 2020


ack when I worked as a summer hire for the Navy in Cubi Point, Philippines, Chief Mullens would always yell “Don’t just stand there with your pud in your hands!” The things you carry forward in life. So now, fifty years later, I’m in a world we could have scarcely imagined. We have/had space shuttles (I even worked on them), computers beyond imagination, an ability to travel the globe and a pandemic that came, in part, because of that. And now I’m an old guy, retired, and I’m out riding my thirty-mile ride. Everyone I pass on the trail, baby-pushers, […]
March 10, 2022

Hard Time (DOG EAR)

o some of you might be wondering where I’ve been recently. No book reviews. No DOG EAR. Well, I’ve been in the jug, the slammer, the big house. Yes, I’ve been in FaceBook jail. There was a discussion that noted that we, as citizens of the United States, should resist calls to hate Russian local businessmen and immigrants for their crazy leader’s invasion of Ukraine (though, from the long view, it looks a little like Iraq, doesn’t it?) But, yes, I agree. But I couldn’t help to point out my own thoughts of our “educated citizenry”… Well, it’s true. We […]