March 30, 2023

Watership Now (DOG EAR)

ad a very interesting conversation with the woman running the radiation ring (or whatever that 3D imaging thing is called). Was getting a scan done for my urologist and had lugged in my collection of John Carter on Mars stories (literally thicker than a brick). The lady running the rig noticed it and was telling me about her daughters, who she is reading to / being read to every night. The oldest (thirteen or so) is reading above her age-group and is looking for something “different” to read. Of course, it was a very strange conversation… Tech: “And so, yes, […]
June 22, 2023

Watership Half-down (DOG EAR)

orgot all about this – I’m sure I could find the original post if I looked. The original story was that I had brought a book in with me to the urologist. They needed some in-house xrays to see what those pesky stones riding in my kidneys were up to. The woman working the machine saw my book and we started talking books. She said she was trying to find a book she could share with her daughter. Took me about half a second. “Watership Down.” Told her a little about it. Bunnies. Nature, red of tooth and claw. All […]