July 15, 2021


enjoy creating CYOAs – to explain what this is, it means “Choose your own adventure”. Originally they were books you’d buy that let you decide the direction of the adventure in the fashion of “If you want to drink from the magic well, go to page 5, otherwise go to page 6”. You would make your choice, flip to that page, and live (or die) from it. Since then, it’s been computerized. While most of them (like the books that proceeded them) are one-time throughs (of course, you could play through additional times and see how other paths run). But […]
June 2, 2023

On Sheet – It’s your railroad

n last week’s On Sheet blog, I went after the misuse of timetables (you can read it HERE). And it struck a bit of a nerve with some people. Discussed it online (at length) and when I got to the club, it came up a few more times. In my defense, I was just musing about the use (and misuse) of timetables. Sure, they are necessary (an evil?) in Time Table and Train Orders. It’s the backbone of how the entire thing works. If you’ve run TT&TO, then you know about holding in a siding, orders in one hand, timetable […]