September 1, 2019

Stars, Won’t You Hide Me (Review)

nother short story (from the Catastrophies collection), this time from 1966 by Ben Bova (back from when most of your weren’t even sperms nor eggs, and I (kiddies) was a potential-loaded kid of eight). It’s a great short piece that really catches the scifi theme of distance and time. We start with Holman, a fellow wired up to a damaged star ship, racing away from the debacle of a battle where Humanity just lost to the Others. All we know about the Others is that they skirmished with humans once, put us back into the stone age, capped us with […]
August 14, 2022

The Cruel Stars (Review)

eah, yeah, I know, ANOTHER Ark Royal book, this the eleventh in the set. And for The Cruel Stars, we go back to author Christopher Nuttall’s favorite moment in his history, the desperate First Interstellar War between the humans and the Tadpoles, where humans were only just hanging on against a foe with slightly better tech, one that had studied us and played us and destroyed our joint fleet off New Russia. So now the humans are struggling to find ships and manpower to replace their grievous loses. This book tells us one of their many attempts, and this one […]
April 8, 2023

The Stars, my Destination (Review)

he Stars, my Destination introduces the hero Gully Foyle as a low-life uneducated thug. Even his  Merchant Marine card notes: Education: None. Skills: None. Merits: None. Recommendations: None. And it looks even grimmer – Gully is the sole survivor of a destroyed ship, floating somewhere deep in our solar system. Lost. He gets by surviving in a closet for months, venturing out on depleting tanks to scrap together whatever food and necessities he requires. But then comes a ship, which slows and gives his wreckage a lookover. He fires off all his distress signals. And the ship, it accelerates away. […]